Best Fixed Wheel Single Speed Bike Reviews and Buying Guide 2024

Best Single Speed Bike Reviews 2020

Earlier this week, we looked at the best regular single speed bikes to liven up your workout or your morning commute.

Today, our focus is purely on fixies. These fixed wheel variants of single speeders force you to pedal at all times. 

Why on earth would you want this?

Well, if you’re looking to maximize your cardio, there’s little substitute for a fixed wheel bike. Even if you’re barreling down a steep hill, you’ll still need to keep those pedals going while torching those calories.

A quick comparison and overview of the products that we`ll discuss today!

So, what can you do if you want to navigate the minefield of these innovative bikes? 

Well, get started by checking out our capsule reviews. Once we’re done, you’ll have a sound idea of which fixie would make the neatest fit for your training program.

Top 5 Single Speed Bikes 2020

First up, the Throne Cycles Track Lord.

The stripped-down minimalist design is complemented by outstanding build quality so what makes this bike ideal for hitting your fitness goals?

Firstly, the fixed wheel means you need to keep pedaling whether even if you’re tired or coasting downhill. While cycling can be great exercise, if you freewheel too much, it defeats the object of heading out for some cardio work. Fixies remove this temptation so you’re off to a strong start.

With full carbon forks and a carbon seat post, your ride isn’t carrying any excess weight. Whether you’re darting in and out of city traffic or hitting the track, you can generate significant speed with this nimble bike.

If you’re looking for a lightweight bike that corners well and copes in a variety of conditions, the Throne Cycles Track Lord isn’t cheap but the best things in life seldom are.


  • Commanding good looks so you can go training in style
  • Carbon alloy forks to shave off some precious weight complements carbon seat post
  • Sealed bearing wheel-set along with bladed spokes for added pace and smoothness
  • Stainless steel dropouts streamline tightening the rear wheel
  • Lightweight and maneuverable as well as extremely rapid


  • You will need to dig deep for this fixie

Another lean and mean fixie up next from Zycle. Super-streamlined design and sporty drop bars will encourage you to hammer that track or street to blitz those calories.

Aluminum build gives you that perfect sweet spot of durability while remaining very lightweight. Whether you want to get to work in a healthier way or to exercise in your free time, this fixed wheel single speed is ideal across a range of applications.

You’ll get comfort alongside performance with sealed bearings and first-class componentry to set off this sleek beast.

The only thing in the minus column is the seat that’s so uncomfy, your first order of business should be replacing it. That set aside, this is a rapid and rugged bike perfect for ramping up your fitness this coming year.

Even if you’ve let those New Year’s resolutions slide, it’s not too late to get back on track!


  • Aerodynamic design and drop bars so go barreling along on your next cardio session
  • Aluminum frame and forks for lightweight precision along with durability
  • Perfect for use on city streets and makes an outstanding commuter bike
  • Sealed bearings for a smooth ride
  • This fixie is surprisingly rugged considering its lightweight nature


  • Seat is extremely uncomfortable and you’ll almost certainly want to replace it immediately

The Prime Collection from Big Shot Bikes includes this versatile fixed wheel single speeder.

One of the primary benefits with this steed is the flip-flop hub but what does that mean? Put simply, you can ride this bike as a regular single speed with the ability to freewheel or as a full-bore fixie. All you need to do is reverse the rear wheel so the appropriate cog is engaged. 

Caliper brakes at the front and rear help you to slow down efficiently so you’ll get everything you need on a track bike and nothing you don’t.

Bull-horn bars and race-inspired aerodynamics give you a smooth and comfortable ride while affording you the ability to push your limits with the fixed wheel option in place.

All Big Shot Bikes are assembled in the US. You can visit the showrooms for yourself.


  • Multiple vibrant colorways 
  • Track bike so ideal for some serious calorie-burning
  • You’ll be able to activate freewheeling if you choose by reversing the back wheel
  • Deep rims for an arresting aesthetic
  • Bull-horn bars work well on the streets or barreling around the track


  • A few complaints about the crank-set

Available in small or medium, the SXL Expressway will have you eager to don your Lycra and hit the roads to burn off that extra dessert.

You’ll even get space for a couple of bottles so there’s no excuse not to keep your fluids topped up.

The aluminum frame means the Expressway is easy to lift up and handles like a dream. You’ll also get no rust and surprising rigidity.

Another fixie also delivering freewheeling capability when the flip-flop hub is reversed, you can opt for some serious punishment or more relaxed cruising duty.

Deep wheels and riser bars complete a devastatingly effective package for anyone looking to get some healthy exercise in while shedding a few pounds.


  • Featherlight thanks to aluminum build
  • Space for a pair of drinks bottles, perfect to stay hydrated during those heavy training sessions
  • Flip-flop hub allows you to engage freewheeling by simply reversing the back wheel
  • Lightning quick and easily maneuverable
  • Unbeatable lifetime warranty on frame and forks for your complete peace of mind


  • Tires slightly prone to puncturing

To round out our curated list of the best fixed wheel single speed bikes, the iconic 6KU serves up the Urban Fixie, ideal for hip commuters and committed athletes alike.

What makes this bike a modern classic?

The aluminum frame and forks give you a superlight stallion with agile handling.

Both front and rear brakes are easy to remove if you fancy a raw track experience with nothing superfluous to burden you.

As with all flip-flop hubs, you can opt for a single speed cruise and freewheel when you fancy. If you’re in the mood for some serious action, reverse the wheel and engage fixie mode. You’ll then be compelled to pedal throughout your session. Check your fitness tracker when you get back home and you’ll be amazed at how much extra benefit you reap.

Unlike many fixies, you’ll get a supple synthetic saddle giving you comfort without compromising durability.


  • Top-notch aluminum build for rust-proof performance and lightweight maneuverability
  • Choose from a full palette of colors
  • Powerful frame fashioned from high-tensile steel
  • Ride with fixed wheel or freewheeling thanks to flip-flop hub
  • Ideal for use on city streets


  • No assembly instructions which is a real disappointment


With our reviews done for today, it’s time to double down on buying the best fixed wheel single speed bike.

In order to do that, a glance at what constitutes a fixie…

What is a Fixed Speed Single Speed Bike?

A fixed speed bike, commonly abbreviated to fixie, has a drivetrain with a single gear that comes fixed to the rear wheel. This prevents coasting and forces you to pedal whenever the bike is moving.

Wonderfully simple, you won’t need multiple chain-ring crank sets or derailleurs. Sometimes these bikes even come with no brakes. The end result is a machine that’s easy to maintain, lightweight and a highly capable exercise tool.

So, if you feel like getting in on the action, what should you look for when you’re buying a fixie?

What To Look For When You’re Buying a Fixed Wheel Single Speed Bike

While fixies are simple in construction, as with any bike, you need to focus on a few core elements if you want to get the most appropriate fixie for your needs.

Pay close attention to the following:

  • Type of Fixie
  • Choose Your Gear
  • The Hub
  • Frame 
  • Chain Tensioning

Type of Fixie

You’ll need to start off by deciding which type of single speed bike makes the most suitable addition to your exercise stable.

If you’re looking for maximum intensity from your training, opt for a fixie with no chance to freewheel offered.

A standard single speed bike gives you many benefits of a single speed but the flexibility to coast when the time is right.

Hybrids with flip-flop hubs give you the best of both worlds.

Track bikes are best for indoor or outdoor velodromes although many are adaptable enough to use on the road, too. The handling is quite stiff and aerodynamics slanted toward racing.

Choose Your Gear

Before working out which gear is ideal for your needs, you should think about how quickly you like to pedal and where you like to ride. Are you predominantly cycling on the flat or do you attack many hills on your route?

The stronger you are, the higher a gear you’ll be able to comfortably handle.

Since there’s quite a variety in gearing, even if you plan to buy your bike online, it’s worth road testing a few first to get a feel for what works for you.

The Hub

If you want the advantages of a single speed bike while also retaining the option of coasting at will, look for hybrid models with a flip-flop hub. We recently reviewed 5 of these and included a couple in today’s selection, too.


Any frame can be converted to fixed gear use as long as it has the horizontal dropouts you need for chain tensioning.

When you’re looking at new frames, focus on weight and aerodynamics to get the best match for your needs.

Chain Tensioning

A single speed bike uses a different mechanism for chain tensioning. Make sure the bike you’re looking at is easy to navigate in this respect.

Any slippage leading to derailing could cause you serious injury while also damaging your bike.


Before we close today, we decided to assemble the answers to 5 of the most frequently asked questions regarding single speed fixed wheel bikes.


1) What’s the difference between a fixed gear bike and a single speed bike?

Single speed bikes and fixies both have only one speed. Regular single speed bikes, however, make use of a freewheel on the rear hub. With this in place, you’re free to coast meaning you won’t need to continuously pedal. With a fixie, by contrast, you get no freewheeling option and the cogs are constantly moving at a pace related to the speed of the back wheel. In order to brake, you lock the pedals. You can even ride a fixie backward by pedaling in reverse.

2) What is a flip-flop hub?

A flip-flip hub is a double-sided hub. This threads the rear wheel hub with a cog on each side. You’ll then be free to choose between freewheeling and fixed options depending on your needs that day. This type of hybrid bike gives you maximum bang for your buck.

3) Do single speed bikes have brakes?

Most regular single speed bikes come with both front and rear brakes. Typically, most fixies feature at least a front brake for the sake of safety. To engage the back brake, you simply stop the cranks by pedaling backward. Track riding is the only advisable setting for riding without brakes.

4) Is a single speed safer than a fixie?

Fixies are generally considered to be riskier to ride than straight single speed bikes. You’ll need to master a slight learning curve and have adequate fitness levels to keep on pedaling even when you’re getting fatigued. You’ll find your leg muscles get a more rigorous workout with a fixie. When you’re just starting out, watch out for the pedals smashing against your foot. This is one of the most common injuries for beginners.

5) What are the key benefits of single speed bikes?

You’ll need to carry out almost no maintenance with a fixie thanks to the simplicity of the gearing. Typically much lighter, you’ll end up with a quicker ride, too. So, beyond those cool looks, you’ll also benefit strongly if you’re looking to increase the intensity of your cardio sessions this year.


Hopefully you can now decide which bike would best gel with your fitness goals. Maybe you want a regular single speed bike with the option of freewheeling. Perhaps you’re ready to attack 2020 with a fixie. Or it could be that a hybrid bike would make the best fit.

Bottom line, there’s no right or wrong answer here simply the right single speed fixed gear bike for you.

Get the most out of your training sessions with a fixie and come back soon as we continue our series on various types of bike perfect for cardio mayhem. See you soon!

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