7 Great Home Gym Benefits That Just Make Sense

Home Gym Benefits

Getting to the gym isn’t easy.

For those of us who are time challenged (and who isn’t?), the commute, the search for a parking space and the need to get changed can become one big hassle.

Imagine, though, being able to get your pump on at home. Having your own home gym allows you to bypass the hassles of gym membership.

In this article, we reveal 7 compelling home gym benefits that you can’t ignore.

1. You’ll Have No Excuses

It’s easy to make excuses not to go to the gym – it’s too cold; too hot; I don’t have time; the car’s in the garage.

When your gym is right through the next door, however, those excuses don’t fly. You’ll have immediate access to your gym any time of the day.

The result will be that your workouts will be more consistent. Even when you’re time pressured, you’ll be far more likely to get in a quick session because everything you need is right on hand.

2. You’re the Boss

There are so many rules in commercial gyms. It’s especially noticeable if you’re a serious weight trainer. You can’t drop the weights, you can’t grunt and , in some gyms, you can’t even wear a tank top.

When you own the gym, however, you can do whatever you want. You can leave the weights lying around, work out in your boxers and even do curls in the squat rack.

3. No Membership Fees

Paying a membership fee is dead money. And with an average gym membership of $58.00 per month, that’s a lot of money you’re killing.

Contrast that to setting up your own home gym. Sure, you’ll need to invest money it set it up, but, once you’ve paid it off, it’s yours.

Apart from not having to worry about your monthly fee coming out of your bank account, you are also saved from the nightmare of gym contracts. Trying to end your gym membership can be a painful – and expensive experience.

4. No Waiting for Equipment

The effectiveness of a workout depends on its pace. You need to limit your rest between sets so you don’t lose your pump and intensity level.

So, imagine how frustrating it is when you’ve got to wait around to use equipment. It can destroy the effectiveness of a body part workout – and you can forget about super-setting.

Contrast that to your home gym, where you have total exclusive use of all of the equipment. You can go at your own pace, doing super-sets, pre-exhaustion and drop sets to your heart’s delight.

5. It’s More Hygienic

It’s no fun following in the wake of someone else’s sweat. Apart from being smelly and uncomfortable, it is extremely unhygienic.

Gym equipment can be infested with such nasties as staphylococcus, candida and the herpes virus. Throw in dirty gym towels, unclean showers, saunas and steam rooms, and the local commercial gym may just prove to be the unhealthiest hangout in town.

At home, you won’t be drowning in anyone’s sweat but your own. And the cleanliness of your workout area is squarely in your own shoulders.

6. Set Your Own Atmosphere

Commercial gyms can be intimidating places. It’s not hard for newbies to feel like a fish out of water as they see a bevy of bronzed, buff bodies moving around with purposeful intent.

Then, there’s the music.

You have no control over it. And, when you need heavy rock to get your lifting juices flowing, Justin Bieber can drive you to distraction.

At home, you don’t have any concerns about looking out of place – and you can play whatever workout music you choose.

Plus, you can make it more fun and exciting too by getting a mini yet top-quality trampoline for some warming up. 

7. No Traveling Needed

Often, commercial gym goers spend more time sitting in their car then do on the gym floor. Then there’s the hassle of finding a park.

Traveling to the gym when it’s raining can easily become too much of a hassle, leading to training inconsistency. But when you’ve got your gym in your garage, commute problems are no longer an issue.


Working out at home is a far more convenient, cost effective, and efficient way to exercise than joining a gym. These home gym benefits are complemented by a vast improvement in the home fitness market, allowing you to set up a near commercial quality gym with minimal cost and space requirements.

So, when you’re ready to get serious about getting fit, home gym training is the better, smarter way to go. Why not reap all the home gym benefits by setting up your home gym today! 

Feature image: “IMG_0107” by Elliot Cable licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.