7 Awesome Rowing Machine Benefits

7 Awesome Rowing Machine Benefits

Rowing Machine Benefits

There was a time when rowing machines were not exactly popular, just as rowing itself isn’t a popular when compared to biking or jogging. But nowadays the popularity of rowing machines is growing, and part of that is because many have begun to realize some of the rowing machine benefits that they can easily receive.

So exactly what are these benefits of rowing machine use? Let’s take a look:

1. It can help with weight loss.

In the US, the statistics regarding overweight and obese adults are quite alarming. A study by the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis estimates that 67% of women are either overweight or obese, while the same goes for 75% of the men.

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But when done correctly, using a rowing machine for weight loss can help you burn off anywhere from 300 to 700 calories, with an average of about 600 calories per rowing machine workout session.

That’s very efficient, considering the other workout machines that you can buy for home use today. In fact, if you spend an hour on an indoor rowing machine, you have to spend 78 minutes on a stationary bike to burn the same number of calories.

2. You’ll get a great cardio workout.

Even if you’re not overweight, you need cardio exercises like using a rowing machine to maintain your figure, boost your stamina, and improve your immune system. The workout also releases endorphins that improve your mood and help you sleep better.

Using a rowing machine is a very effective cardio workout because it uses a lot of your major muscle groups. It boosts your oxygen intake and raises your heart rate.

Also, the resistance levels featured on rowing machines are adjustable. This means that you can gradually work out to your target heart rate, and then you can slow down gradually as well.

3. You’ll improve your lower body strength.

Despite the prominent use of arms for rowing machines,experts consider the rowing machine as more for a lower body workout with legs supplying 60% of the force. The quads in the upper front thighs are the main targets, but the glutes and the calves are also developed.

With firm glutes and strong legs, you’re going to look a lot better. Also, you burn calories at a faster rate when you work out your lower body.

Aside from improving your muscle tone and strength, using a rowing machine is an effective way to help maintain your balance and flexibility.

4. You’ll get a great upper body workout.

Using a rowing machine can focus on the lats on your lower back, the trapezii in your upper back, and the rhomboids in your shoulder. When your shoulders and back become stronger, your posture improves and back pain can be reduced.

Your abs, pecs, and biceps also get a good workout. This can help you develop your core, which is crucial for other workouts and for daily chores.

Even your hands and your wrists can get stronger, because you need to learn how to maintain a strong grip on the oars.

5. It’s low impact. Better for your knees.

Running, hiking, and yoga can really stress out your joints, but using a rowing machine is a low-impact workout. You’re less likely to injure your knees.

Of course, backs strain can be an issue, but this is only if your form is incorrect. With good form, you should be able to protect your back from excessive strain.

6. You’ll have improved endurance.

Do you find yourself getting tired in the middle of the day? Your endurance may be wanting, but you can improve it with a rowing machine.

It’s exhausting, but only at first. As you get more into it, you’ll find that increased stamina is one of its long-term benefits.

You’ll boost your metabolism too, so you’ll find yourself with more energy for work and for your hobbies.

7. It’s convenient and affordable.

A rowing machine is very affordable compared to other gym equipment. That means you can buy one for home use easily, and you can save money from gym membership fees.

Once you have one in your living room, you can then exercise anytime you want. You can do it while it’s raining outside, while you’re dressed down, or while watching TV.

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With all these rowing machine benefits, there’s no reason why you should put off getting a rowing machine for home use. Get one now, and discover for yourself just how healthy you can get while you can exercise in a fun and convenient workout.

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