Best CrossFit Gifts for CrossFitters

Are you stumped by what to get for your CrossFit loving family member, partner, friend or colleague? Well, worry no more. I’ve asked my CrossFit-obsessed friend, who is also a certified CrossFit trainer to write this article to help you with it. 

He truly has some great CrossFitter gift recommendations. So take it away Nate! (The subsequent text is written by him.)

Shopping for a CrossFit fanatic can be relatively tricky but easy for those who understand them really well. Here is the list of well-loved gifts that will put a perpetual smile on all CrossFitters.

Quick Overview: Top Gifts For Crossfitters Comparison List

Shopping for a CrossFit fanatic can be relatively tricky but easy for those who understand them really well. Here is the list of well-loved gifts that will put a perpetual smile on all CrossFitters.

With most foam rollers going for less than $30, these rollers can be a big deal to CrossFitters. 

Rollers are one of the most favorite training pieces of equipment amongst the CrossFit community. Foam rollers massage tense areas, mash out muscle soreness, and hit trigger points.

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Another great product for self myofascial release are massage balls. They are about the size of tennis balls and cheaper than foam rollers, usually under $15.


These are great gifts for anyone who needs to loosen their tight muscles after a great CrossFit or gym session. A perfect present for a CrossFit coach too!

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Knee sleeves are essential to any CrossFitter regardless of their fitness level or experience. Knee sleeves are especially useful for anyone who wants to improve their performance, prevent injury, or speed up their knee recovery with compression therapy.


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One of the goals of CrossFitters is to tone and bulk up. To achieve this goal, one must start lifting some heavier weights and this belt is a must.

It keeps the back safe and ensure sufficient support. These weight belts will allow CrossFitters to do exercises with more weight safely. 

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Having a proper pair of shoes is crucial as it will increase the performance of your workout and prevents injury. 

It is designed for intense workouts that include heavy lifting, flexibility work, sprints and climbs. A perfect gift for serious CrossFitters. 

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A wrist wrap is always welcomed by a CrossFitter! Wrist wraps can help prevent wrist injuries and allow powerlifters to lift more weights safely.

If you are looking for a small and affordable gift, this might be what you are looking for. This is great for stocking stuffers for CrossFitters too!

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The kettlebell is something I love to use when I conduct Crossfit classes. They can be really fun to exercise with and effective for working out.

For your CrossFitter friend is an absolute beginner to Crossfit and looking for their first kettlebell, a 20 lbs kettlebell for ladies and 35 lbs kettlebell for males will do just fine. You might want to consider getting a pro version since a kettlebell can be used for a really long time.

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Jump rope makes an exceptional gift since they are affordable and portable. For a CrossFitter who loves traveling, this is a present they can take anywhere with them, adding to the many workouts they can perform.

Skipping gives the entire body a workout in a short period of time. This gift is also small enough to make an excellent stocking stuffer. 

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Omega 3 is one of the best and most popular supplements in the CrossFit industry, especially for CrossFit Athletes. Omega 3 oils supplements are usually in in the form of Fish Oil. There are many benefits to taking this.

It has powerful anti-inflammatory properties, promotes brain health, improves muscle recovery, and has potential positive effects on weight loss.

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Most avid CrossFitters I know are either on the Paleo Diet, the Zone Diet or a combination of both diets. My friends on the Paleo Diet who prep and cook their own food swears by this brand of organic premium spice blends shown above.

It’s made in USA, Kosher Certified, FDA Compliant, & Paleo Certified. It 100% natural, no artificial additives.

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We hope Nate has given you some inspiration from this post. If you have any good CrossFit gift ideas or CrossFit Christmas gift ideas that you can share, leave us a comment below! Who knows, your friend or family member might be reading this article.

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