Best Punch Bag Reviews and Buying Guide

If you head to any old-school gym, you’ll see no shortage of punch bags hanging up.

Pounding a bag is not only a fantastic way to release tension and enjoy a rigorous burst of cardio, it also works wonders for strength and conditioning.

Punch bags are great for general fitness but absolutely essential if you practice any martial arts, MMA or boxing. You can keep on top of your game at home rather than being limited to costly gyms where you might need to spend lots of down time waiting for the equipment you need.

A quick comparison and overview of the products that we`ll discuss today!

First up today, we’ve got 5 of the best punch bag reviews so you can get a general idea of the options at your disposal.

We’ll then explore some of the many benefits of using a punching bag before rounding out with a brief buying guide so you can get the best piece of kit for your particular requirements.

We’ll jump straight in now with those punch bag reviews…

Best Punch Bag Reviews

When we’re looking into the best fitness equipment, we always try to review a broad spread of products so there’s something for all tastes and budgets.

This canvas bag from Last Punch comes unfilled so you can make use of your preferred filling and enjoy more customization than you’d get with a regular pre-filled bag.

Be aware front and center that if you want a punch bag cut out for hardcore fight training, this is not the right choice. If, on the other hand, you’re just starting out on the fighting path or you want something for all-purpose cardio work, this chained bag makes a smart bet.

The chains you need to hang up the bag are thrown in but you’d be well advised to hunt down a sturdy bracket to keep things safe and stable.

By altering the length of these chains from 33 inches to 55 inches, you’ll get a reasonable amount of play but it’s not the best fit for taller users.

The bag is designed to respond well to boxing training. Martial artists are better off looking for a bag made to take kicks as well as punches. Even when you’re punching, this bag rips quite easily. Although marketed as heavy-duty, you need to be realistic about the price tag and take into account that this is a bag for beginners.

The sizing means the Last Punch is a winner for teens. Anyone nudging 6 feet tall will find this bag rather restrictive.

When it comes to filling the bag, you can use a range of materials from newspapers and rags through to sand.

If you’re a beginner looking for a lighter-duty punch bag at a pocket-friendly price, this Last Punch canvas model is a wise bet.

Just be sure to factor in that you’ll need a fair amount of material to stuff the bag so make provision in advance.

Despite the heavy-duty strapline, avoid filling the bag completely with sand as this would bring the weight up to over 60 pounds and the bag is prone to tearing under severe stress.


  • Design ideally suited to boxing training
  • Total flexibility to fill using any material
  • Length of bag well suited to teens or adult beginners
  • Works well for anyone up to 5 foot 7 in height
  • Very affordable entry point into the world of punch bags
  • Chains supplied so hang your bag in your home gym fuss-free


  • You’ll need a great deal of material to fill the bag
  • Prone to ripping under heavy use

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Everlast is a real powerhouse in the fitness industry and this affordable heavy bag lets you buy into that brand without bankrupting yourself.

We looked at the 70-pound bag, but if you have even harder-hitting needs, you can also opt for an 80 pound or 100 pound bag.

The robust bag will take quite a pounding whether you’re boxing or an MMA man. The non-abrasive bag is designed to withstand kicking as well as punching.

The synthetic poly-canvas finish is durable without sacrificing comfort of use. Inside, there’s a mixture of synthetic and natural fibers that dampen down much of the shock of impact.

The filling also offers more than enough give so if you’re peppering it with a combination of kicks and punches, you won’t end up needing physio afterward.

As with all hanging bags, you’ll get the opportunity to train with a moving target to really hone your skills. You can double down on your range, timing, footwork and accuracy by putting the hours in on this bag.

Although you’ll be able to have a reasonably aggressive workout on this bag, it’s not suitable if you’re looking to really batter away. Striking the bag too hard will cause it to move around too freely.

While the Everlast is not exactly cheap, the price is no more than you’d expect for a serious punch bag. With some gloves and wraps chucked in and the many years of life you should get from this bag, it makes a sound investment for any home gym.


  • 70-pound bag suitable for pretty much all training requirements
  • Blend of sand, synthetic and natural fibers for a perfect filling
  • Adjust height with ease using the chain
  • Forgiving nature of bag responds well to kicking
  • Gloves and wraps thrown in so get going out the box
  • Add resistance using bungee cord supplied
  • Exceptional overall value


  • Weak point at the strap so monitor for any signs of wear
  • Not best suited for very heavy users or really advanced practitioners

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Century has been creating martial arts equipment since way back in the 70s and this freestanding punch bag serves up a first-class training experience at a surprisingly keen price.

The vinyl finish might lack the finesse of leather but in return, you’ll get a bag that’s built to last the distance. The chance of vinyl bags ripping under duress is far less than with a natural alternative.

Filling cushions the impact nicely even if you strike with considerable force. You should take care when you’re starting out to ease in gently. This bag is not quite as padded as some of the competition so you’ll want to get used to the feel before dialing things up.

If you don’t like the idea of hoisting your bag upon chains, you’ll appreciate the freestanding design of the Original Wave Master.

This bag will cope well with punches and kicks so you’ll be able to train for martial arts as well as boxing. As with all punch bags in this price bracket, you have to keep your expectations reasonable. While the weight and stability are enough for most reasonable purposes, this is not a professional punch bag so think about the punishment you’ll be inflicting.

This bag is height adjustable from 47 inches through 68 inches. This gives even taller users more than enough leeway.

Weighing around 250 pounds filled, moving this bag around is simplified thanks to the rounded nature of the base which allows you to roll it without breaking your back. You can choose to fill this base with water or sand and it’s the key to a solid punching experience.

One downside of this bag is the noise you get when pummeling it. Think carefully about whether or not this will disturb others as you train.

The Original Wave Master from Century is a no-nonsense freestanding punch bag at a very affordable price so check one out and add a new dimension to your training.


  • Superb overall value
  • Completely height adjustable so good for pretty much everyone
  • Highly absorbent bag thanks to foam filling
  • Durable vinyl built to prevent tearing
  • Fill base with sand or water for versatile stability
  • Freestanding so avoid the hassle of hanging from a chain
  • Will withstand kicks and punches so great for martial artists


  • Fairly noisy when it’s in action
  • Lacks a little stability with tall users

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As we near the end of our punch bag reviews, we’ll laser in on a traditional 100-pound heavy bag from the industry legend Ringside.

Whether you’re a committed boxer or an enthusiastic mixed martial artist, this upscale bag can handle everything you throw its way. Nail it with a series of combination punches or rain down a sequence of kicks and it will keep crying out for more punishment.

The Powerhide bag is something of an acquired taste with a very silky feel. This tear-resistant material should return many years of vigorous training without ripping or abrading.

It’s filled to a weight of 100 pounds so you end up with a muscular bag capable of withstanding some serious action. The soft filling sitting just below the synthetic leather yields nicely when you strike it so it seems more like contact with an opponent than with a fixed object. This injects both comfort and a dose of realism into your workout. There’s a zipper at the time should you ever need to add some more filling as it beds down.

Overall build quality is superb as you would fully expect from Ringside gear. Metal rivets and double stitching help to shore up the straps, a notorious weak point with punchbags.

From Muay Thai to MMA, from boxing to martial arts, this versatile bag is the closest you can get to a one-size-fits-all punch bag solution. Even if you aren’t a fighter, adding this bag to your home gym is a highly effective way to enjoy some therapeutic cardio and keeping sharp.

The exceptional 10-year limited guarantee shows you the confidence this manufacturer places in their product.


  • First-class brand heritage
  • Suitable for all styles of fight training
  • Made from Powerhide for increased durability
  • Buy with complete confidence of 10-year warranty
  • Metal rivets and cross-stitching across straps for maximum durability
  • Comes pre-filled to 100 pounds so heavy enough for most training
  • Works well for toning and conditioning


  • Has a slightly slippery feel

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To tail off our punch bag reviews, this 14-piece set from RDX represents impressive value for money married to top-tier performance.

Perhaps you’ve just started out with some karate or Muay Thai and you don’t have a lot of equipment. If so, this comprehensive all-in-one kit is a slick way to get most things you need in a single hit.

If you’re a more advanced fighter, this bag is still man enough to take a fair amount of punishment so it’s good for most ability levels and sizes.

As well as the 5-foot punch bag, you’ll get all the mounting hardware you need to hoist up the RDX and get down to action. Some gloves, wraps and a jump rope are chucked in to see you ready to spar straight out the box.

If you’re looking for a subdued and understated punch bag, this is not the best fit for you. Available in 4 colorways with logos and graphics everywhere, the RDX makes a statement rather than blending in.

The hardwearing Rex leather allows you the freedom to use this punch bag outside if you prefer training in the open air.

The style of this highly functional bag means it works just as well whether you are raining down a flurry of punches or kicks, whether you’re practicing some Muay Thai or straight-up boxing. The ability to train across disciplines adds further to the value of this awesome and affordable punch bag.

Inside the bag, the ripped fabric filling is incredibly absorbent so it won’t feel like striking a brick wall. The gloves provided have gel foam padding so you can lessen the chance of any injury when you’re pounding away.

Hanging the bag is straightforward with all that you need to do so chucked in.

If you’re looking for a cost-effective starter kit so you can brush up on your training at home, this RDX punch bag and accessories is the obvious choice.


  • Multipurpose bag good for all combat styles
  • Outstanding value for money
  • A range of colors available
  • Hardwearing and waterproof synthetic Rex leather
  • Extremely absorbent shredded textile filling


  • The tendency for filling to sink down the bag
  • Keep an eye out for chain disconnecting

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Now you’ve had a peek at 5 of the best punch bags up for sale, we’ll take a look at the many benefits of bag training before showing you exactly what to focus on so you can get the best bag for your specific needs.

Why Use a Punch Bag?

A punch bag is commonly referred to as a heavy bag although the degree of weight differs wildly from model to model.

Bags are highly versatile allowing you to practice a wide spread of techniques. Whether it’s long-range punches, shorter finishing moves or a volley of kicks, you’ve got all bases covered with the best punch bag.

If your discipline is largely kick-driven, it’s worth doubling down on a bag expressly designed for martial arts.

You can focus on speed and strength with a bag while also significantly improving your endurance. Using a bag is hard going!

Even if you’re not a serious fighter, the overall cardio benefits alongside the way in which you can enhance your reaction times makes a punch bag central to any traditional gym.

Main Benefits of a Punch Bag

If you’re in any doubt still about the effectiveness of training with a bag, we’ll break down the chief advantages of doing so…

  • Great for reaction speed and reflex training
  • Ideal for a taxing cardio workout
  • Equally suitable for kicking and punching
  • Ramp up your footwork and movement
  • Increase the accuracy of your punches and kicks
  • Optimize your coordination
  • Practice your combinations until they’re down-pat
  • Excellent method of conditioning
  • Teaches the benefit of maintaining the correct distance and spacing

As you can see, punch bags come to the fore whether you’re a hardcore black belt or you’re just starting to see the advantage of training with a punch bag.

Before we highlight what to take into account when buying one, it pays to glance at the various styles of bag up for grabs.

Different Types of Punch Bag

  • Traditional Heavy Bag: The most common type of punch bag and one found in any boxing gym worth its salt is the standard hanging heavy bag you’ll see suspended from chains. Straps are far more prone to ripping so always opt for chains if you want something that lasts the distance. Usually made from leather or vinyl, these bags are stuffed with an assortment of fabrics in an attempt to replicate the feel of striking a human opponent rather than an inanimate object
  • Free Standing Punch Bag System: The bag is mounted in a heavy base using a pole with a freestanding system. Make sure you’ve got enough space before committing to one of these bags and account for the way in which the bag itself will swing when attacked
  • Teardrop Maize Bag: These small bags come in 15kg or30kg variants and allow you to unleash some seriously heavy strikes. You won’t get the same degree of bounce-back as with a regulation heavy bag. A teardrop bag works best alongside a heavy bag. If you can only afford to add one to your gym, go heavy every time
  • Wall-Mounted Pad System: While these solid units are a neat way to improve your footwork and dynamic body movements, they are best left to the professional gym. They eat up a huge amount of real estate and they’re not ideal for sustained round work either

What To Look For When You’re Buying a Punch Bag

Luckily, punch bags are pretty basic pieces of kit.

Once you’ve decided upon which style would make best sense in your home set-up, laser in on these elements and you’ll end up highly satisfied.


  • Synthetic Leather: A cheaper option than real leather, you’ll save money without sacrificing much by the way of durability. Most brands offer synthetic leather punch bags to cater for those on tighter budgets
  • Leather: Genuine leather bags are a pleasure to use but come with a corresponding price tag. You’ll get comfort and a long life from leather bags that can’t be beaten
  • Canvas: Canvas bags are the very cheapest models. They don’t feel great when you strike them and normally come unfilled
  • Plastic: A rarer type of punch bag, those finished in plastic are normally filled with water. Unless you specifically need a plastic bag, you’re better of sticking to leather or synthetic leather

Filled vs Unfilled

The majority of punch bags come pre-filled which is by far the most convenient option. You might be surprised at just how much fabric you need to pack a serious heavy bag.

Ripped fabric is a common filling as it’s nicely forgiving. The air pockets mean you’ll need to strike away at a new bag until everything inside settles down.

Unfilled bags give you the opportunity to customize the filling if you’re aware of the effort it will take to pack it tightly.


Size certainly does matter with punch bags.

Think closely about the intended users. For kids or teens, a light bag is more than fit for purpose. For adults, especially if you’re planning to practice some weighty strikes, it pays to shoot for something larger and heavier.

Space constraints in your home gym should be taken into account so you don’t end up buying something that’s a bit too large for comfort.

A bag anywhere from 4 feet to 5 feet long will minimize swinging and give you a superb punch bag experience.


When you’re thinking of price, you should reframe this and ponder overall value instead. After all, it’s no use getting what looks like a bargain only to find it falling apart months later.

Set a budget and stick to it. By doing this, you’ll also dramatically reduce your options saving you from analysis paralysis.

Look for that hallowed combination of price, brand quality and overall performance.


We hope these punch bag reviews along with the buying guide have saved you plenty of time and set you up to get the most suitable bag for your needs.

We’re highly receptive to feedback so feel free to get in touch if there’s any fitness equipment you’d like us to put through its paces for you.

Come back soon for all you need to live a happy, healthy life.

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