Top Fitness Blogs You Can Read for Inspiration

I’m a total fitness junkie and fitness for me has been a big obsession all my teenage and adulthood; I believe staying fit contributes a lot to mental and physical health.

And while trying to stay fit and healthy I got to know about various websites and blogs due to my hours long research.

Top Fitness Blogs

Fitness 4 Mamas

fitness 4 mamas

Mirka is a fitness junkie and she has taken it to the next level! Having started her blog 2.5 years ago, Mirka has managed to become a finalist of “Best Fitness and Health Blog 2015” by the Blogger’s Lounge.

She was recently selected as “Women’s Running” magazine’s race ambassador and she’s running the Paris Marathon in 2018! She also works with Jess Ennis-Hill on her #VitalityMove campaign. Mirka is enthusiastic about changing the lifestyle of real mamas with simple and applicable tips.

Summer Tomato

darya rose

We all know that the secret to getting healthy and staying healthy lies in a good, and nutritionally balanced diet. Darya, a neuroscience PhD, the author of book Foodist is a former dieter who teaches people how to stay healthy and fit without dieting.

She uses the psychology of habit building to cure eating disorders and help people enjoy their food and health at the same time. She has her own podcast where you can listen to her teach real people about their diet and lifestyle.

Knocked-up Fitness


Erica Ziel, a mother of three has created this marvelous blog which embodies the experience of training millions of people or a time period of 10 years from all walks of life. She’s also the creator of Core Athletica® Inc.

She is an expert pr/postnatal workout trainer; her workouts are inclined towards strengthening the core of women during pregnancy as well as postpartum. These workouts are also targeted towards preparing women’s bodies for labor and delivery.

Kayla in the City

kayla in the city

Kayla is a 27 year-old fitness blogger, yoga teacher, personal trainer, and an aspiring girl boss and grad school student who lives in NYC.

She loves to share her experiences (and many struggles!) as a young professional in Manhattan striving to live both a healthy and happy life with some semblance of balance. She believes that physical health not only depends on diets and workouts but your relation with people and life also counts.

Love Sweat Fitness

love sweat fitness

Katie is an enthusiastic trainer, group fitness instructor and an entrepreneur based in Orange County, California. LSF has a YouTube channel with over 4 million views and 100,000+ subscribers and Katie teaches them how to maintain a healthy, hot body.

Katie regularly releases her diet meal and workout plans on her website. Her motto is that anyone can work anywhere with no equipment and her workouts are tailored accordingly. What’s best about Katie’s blog is that it serves the motivation to accomplish your body goals.

Element Fitness

my element fitness

“My goal is to create a high-end health and fitness experience and deliver it to you in a nice easy to use package. The key word being high-end” says Mike, the creator of this particular blog.

Mike believes that the internet is providing people with a lot of unfiltered and probably untested health and fitness advice. He aims to give people the real deal and quality material that can be trusted.

Faithful Workouts​

faithful workouts

Michelle Spadafora started her blog Faithful Workouts in 2009 after spending 22 years in the fitness industry. This website teaches how to connect with yourself and God on a deeper level and improve your health and fitness in a byproduct of that.

Her motto is “Faithful workouts – where faith, fitness and food come together to strengthen your mind, body and soul.” She offers a 14 day free trial of Faithful and Fit Fast Start Plan.

Nerd Fitness

nerd fitness

Simone generated NF as a place where people can come to follow a plan together in order to fight obesity. Nerd Fitness focuses on habit building and uses interactions with people who face similar problems in their lives as a source of motivation to kick start the journey.

The websites provides fun methods of getting in-touch with a more healthy lifestyle while you’ll barely notice the change in routine simply because how fun it is to live healthily!



Complete body is a place where you can find trainings, lectures workout and meal plans all in one place because they aim to provide people a go-to when they’re clueless about how to achieve their fitness goals.

They regularly update articles and new posts and keep their viewers up-to-date. It’s like an online wellness club; you can also get as membership of it.

The Skinny Confidential

the skinny confidential

Lauryn Evarts is the creator of The Skinny Confidential. She lives in San Diego with her husband. Her blog is a source of inspiration for people who undoubtedly want to be their own best versions.

The Skinny Confidential has been featured in SHAPE, Women’s Health Magazine, The Huffington Post, SELF Magazine, & Who What Wear. Since the launch of the brand, it’s evolved into a book, fitness & nutrition eBook, podcast, YouTube channel, & App.

Flipping Filthy


Debra made this blog to support the women who are now hitting their old age and wish to be as charming as they once were back in the adulthood.

Debra believes it requires an understanding of they way our bodies work to keep them in their best conditions. She has devised many different plans that suit the needs of people with various conditions and situations.

Be Healthy Now


Petra Krovas is the honor of this beautiful and cozy blog which is all about being beautifully healthy.

She provides all sorts of reminders on her blog about eating healthy, taking your vitamins, staying active and whatnot’ all of it through craftily written posts that are both fun to read and motivating. Her products offer amazing discounts on them just go on the website and check it out.

Free Form Fitness


Why should someone choose Free Form Fitness for their personal training needs? Because these trainers work really hard to provide their clients what is important for them; quality and longevity of life.

Free Form Fitness’s vision was to create a fitness company that wasn’t just a gym, they have a holistic approach which includes many facets of a healthy life. Their personal trainers focus on nutrition, accountability and fitness to begin with.

They believe in the theory of worker smarter, instead of working harder and they enable their customers to achieve maximum results in an efficient manner.


jog blog

Cathy started a running-cycling blog after she decided to quit smoking. She had been smoking for 25 years, from the age of 11.

She is getting a degree in Creative and Professional Writing and other than that, the rest of the time she’s just busy running.

She ran her first 10k back in 2006. She has a blog named Plant Veggie on which you can find her amazing vegetarian recipes.



Rayner & Smale

rayner and smale

Rayner & Smale is a blog targeted towards Physiotherapists and other health practitioners who are interested in learning about the latest evidence-based research which is being published.

The blog began in Melbourne in 2013 and both Sian and Alicia are Australian professional physiotherapists.

Their goal is to continue to learn more and to inform others where possible, so that more health practitioners around the world can be up-to-date with the latest trends. They are passionate about sharing knowledge, empowering change and encouraging growth.


total coaching

Totalcoahing is an e-tool that helps you regulate a workout routine. It’s software that you download in your phone to keep a track of your workouts. This particular software especially focuses on supporting personal trainers and helps them grow their business.

It can be found on both Play Store and App Store. It has a bank of animated exercises so you have no trouble following the directions. So it is safe to say that this app is hands down one of the best training apps.

Blonde Ponytail Fitness

blonde ponytail

Jess Allen is an online fitness trainer who strives to help people reach their fitness goals. On her blog, she has devised and uploaded several plans tailored to the needs of individual groups of people.

Her fitness routines primarily focus on dynamic workouts. She has decided to bring forth each of his client to their maximum potential and best version of themselves.

Exercise Right

exercise right

Natalie Simpsons is an Australian fitness junkie. And she generated Exercise Right to inspire and initiate the concept of staying fit through healthy workouts.

Exercise Right has over 130,000 unique views for the year and over 15,000 social media followers. The information on this website is backed up by science, research, knowledge and experience and is designed to cut through the misinformation about fitness generally found on the web.



Life Sum is a habit tracker that lets you keep a track of what you have eaten and how much activity was performed by you. It helps you remain steady with your goals by telling you what foods you should eat, and in what portion size should they be eaten.

You can find the app on both Google Play and App Store. Pick your diet plan, execute it and find the right support to ultimately get to your goals.

The Ultimate Health Podcast

the ultimate health podcast

Dr. Jesse Chappus, a previous chiropractic, is the founder of The Ultimate Health Podcast and his aim is to make you reach your full potential!

His shows feature guest-interviews with world-class experts about health and wellness. And these experts discuss various health topics with Dr. Jesse. So tune in to get a dose of health lessons.




Healthy On You

healthy on you

Sam is a certified health coach who began her healthy cooking classes to educate her clients on the importance of complementing physical exercise with healthy food.

Sam finds that many of her clients are rather misinformed about what their dietary routines out to be. Through her cooking classes, she has developed her own line of gourmet organic spice blends. These spices can be found online on her website.

Step it up with Steph


Stephanie Mansour is the CEO of Step It Up With Steph, and she is on the mission of helping women lose excess fat and make it last.

Steph is Weightloss and Lifestyle Coach for Women, a health & fitness expert and a TV star. She has been on CNN, Dr. Oz and many other TV shows. On reality shows, she has coached to lose 83 lbs in 12 weeks!

Women’s Best

womens best

Women’s Best is an online shop that provides fitness goods for women. From sportswear to sports lingerie, from fitness equipment to protein powders and cookies this place has everything you might need before you embark on your fitness journey!

And the best part is, it caters the needs of women in specific so you don’t have to be confused whether you’re getting the right dietary supplies or not.

Pilates Pal


Jolene wants to let everyone know just how important Pilates are for human’s health and she is surely doing that through her magnificent blog!

She is working on maintaining the integrity of this system just as Joseph Pilates intended. This blog is designed to be the ultimate go-to blog for anyone who wants any information on Pilates. Check more about them here.



I hope these blogs help you out. Have a wonderful day!

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