How to Build Back Muscles

How do you build your back muscles, and what are the best exercises for the back?

The major muscle groups of the back and what they do

To properly train your back and develop it safely (and in the best possible way) you must know what each muscle group does. Researching the back’s anatomy is integral to working out and I recommend researching your entire body’s anatomy if you are serious about furthering your health and building muscle.

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This is the triangular-shaped muscle that you can find at the bottom of your neck and taking up a large portion of the back. It starts at the bottom of the skull and is inside the scapula and clavicle.

This muscle gives you the ability to turn your head and raise your shoulders. This certain muscle can pull up, pull down, and pull in. A strong trapezius gives your back that amazing look of added strength.

Rhomboids major/minor

These two muscles can be found in the middle of the scapula. They can take the scapula in the direction of the spine (simply put, they can squeeze your shoulder blades together).

Teres major

The teres major muscle is on the outer edge of the scapula. This is the main muscle that allows you to pull your arm back.

Latissimus dorsi

The biggest muscle located on your back. It is the “V” shaped one that gives you the ability to pull the arm down. Any exercise involving pull downs such as on a “pulldown machine” engages this muscle.

Erector spinae

This is a whole group of muscles that are there to provide extra support to the spine. The group consists of the longissiumus, the spinalis, and the iliocostalis.

When should you work out the back?

Many people decide to group some of their workouts together, such as doing a leg day while doing various bicep workouts. This is the same case with both back and chest as many people decide to do them on the same day.

While this may work for some people, I do not recommend it as I feel you need a full “back day” to maximize your back strength. When you think of a back workout, you probably think of a pulldown routine, a rowing routine, and a deadlift routine.

While you will obviously be using other muscles during your “back” day (such as your arms, specifically your biceps) you do need a day to concentrate on those certain back muscles that you normally do not use. I recommend that at least one day during your seven-day week needs to be dedicated to your back and developing your back muscles.

Workout routines for your back

There are hundreds of back exercises that will allow you to build your back muscles, however, I have included a few of my personal favorites that you can get started with as soon as possible.

The barbell deadlift

The reason I have included this one is not only will it work out your back, it’ll also focus some advanced muscle growth on your entire body all the way down to your calves. However, it is the best to develop those primary back muscles.

As with all exercises, technique is super important, so I recommend having someone with you to make sure you are doing it properly. The barbell deadlift enhances your bone structure as well.

Bending over while dead lifting a barbell

Very similar to the one above, but just a bit different. This exercise also will greatly develop your back muscles. This is one of the rare exercises that work both the upper and lower back. As mentioned before, your form is integral to your success.

The pull up (either wide grip or short group)

Obviously, a pull up was going to on this list, as it is simply one of the very best. It puts emphasis on your upper lats and gives you the most range of motion in a back exercise. However, this is very difficult to get up to as it is a very hard exercise.

The Best Program for
Muscle Building in 2024



For all the exercises listed above, I recommend you do at least 8 to 12 reps, and 3 to 5 sets.

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