How to Test Muscular Strength

Muscular strength is not the same as endurance and it might really be true that the bigger guy will be stronger, but the smaller guy will be able to last longer.

We have decided to take a look at how you can measure your muscular strength to get a reading on where you are. This will allow you to start improving on that and you will become much stronger in no time with the muscular strength programs.

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How muscular strength is measured

Muscular strength is not measured by how many reps you can do at a certain weight, but by the amount of weight that you are able to lift once in a single motion. In simple terms, it is referred to the one rep max that you can push.

To measure this you will need to be fresh and many people still argue about whether it should be measured pre workout or post workout. To measure it accurately, it should be done before you start your workout and at least once or twice a month to help you understand whether you are progressing or regressing in the gym.

There are a few common exercises used to measure each specific muscle group and to see how strong that muscle is and if it is getting stronger. Sometimes when a muscle is growing, it is not necessarily getting stronger, so we have decided to share with you a few of these exercises and how you can become stronger.

Exercises to measure your muscular strength

  • Bench press

The bench press is a common training exercise in the gym and many people use this to measure their overall strength. Unfortunately, the bench press can only measure the strength of your chest, although it does use the help of the arms and the shoulders to perform the movement.

The bench press will give you a great indication on how your chest is getting stronger and you could perform exercises like dumbbell press as well as seated chest presses to help improve the muscles used to perform a bench press movement.

We recommend that you only do one rep at a maximum weight when you enter the gym to help determine your strength. A warm-up set might also be included if you need it, but stretching is fundamentally important.

  • Squats

Some people love performing squats while others tend to hate the exercise, but they do use almost every muscle in the legs and can be used as a way of improving your muscular strength as well as measuring the strength.

Squats are an extremely strenuous exercise, but they are also one of the best exercises in giving you constant results. We recommend staying away from leg training for a day or two before performing this exercise and then having a good stretch before you attempt it.

  • Clean and press

The Olympic clean and press is one of the ultimate tests of strength and this is the reason that it is used at the Olympic Games to separate the strong from the weak. Performing a clean and press movement will require you to use the entire body and the maximum weight you are capable of lifting will help you to measure how strong your muscles are when working together.

This exercise only needs to be done once a month to measure your strength with one rep and the heaviest possible weight. Stretching and not training for a day might also help you to gain a higher one rep max, but consistency and the correct movement is really important.

The Best Program for
Muscle Building in 2024



We would like to thank you for reading this article and we hope that you have a better understanding of how you can measure your muscular strength. We would also like to encourage you to let us know of more ways that you think can be used to increase muscular strength and how to perform them correctly.

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