Muscular Strength Facts

Muscular Strength Facts

Understanding muscular strength is really important and it will definitely give you that added edge in life and in the gym. We strive to help people improve and get the highest level of muscular strength possible with our advanced programs and we also try and encourage people to get better and more confident in life.

We have decided to include a few facts about muscular strength and how important they are to you. Muscular strength is not only important in the gym, but it is also really important in everyday life and with these facts, you will be informed a little more about the topic.

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Here are a few facts about muscular strength

  • Muscles make up between 40 and 50% of your overall weight

Muscles are really important in the body and they also weight more than fat, thus meaning that the heaviest person in the room does not necessarily have the most fat in their body. Almost half of the body is comprised of muscle tissues and this needs to be developed in order for you to become stronger.

  • Muscle is gained two times faster than it is lost:

Contrary to popular belief, muscles are gained faster than they are lost. Even when you are not on a strenuous diet anymore, the muscle tissues are still fed by daily nutrients that you put in your body. This means that your body will still preserve the muscles and you will stay stronger for longer.

Unfortunately, supplements like creatine and even steroids might allow the body to hold back water and then you think you are losing muscle mass, but in reality, the body is getting rid of the water.

  • The smallest muscle is found in the ear

We have muscles everywhere in the body, but the smallest of them all is found in the middle ear. This muscle cannot be trained, but it does get stronger as you get older while it is performing its functions. The smallest bones are also found in the ear.

  • The body uses 200 muscles to take 1 step

Walking is known as a great way of getting extra exercise and the reason for this is because the body uses 200 muscles for every step that you take. This means that while you are walking, you are not only losing fat, you are also improving your muscular strength naturally.

Next time you should park far from the shopping center and allow all of those muscles to be trained while you are walking. Walking the shopping center is even better and will allow you to strengthen those muscles.

  • You are born with all the muscle fibers you will ever have

From birth, you will have all the muscle fibers in your body already. They might be really small at first, but they do grow as you get older and once you start training, they will grow even faster. This means that you cannot get more muscle fibers and any deficiencies will be there forever.

  • Muscular strength directly relates to your capability of lifting heavy objects

Muscular strength is important for lifting heavier objects and when you have determined your muscular strength for a specific muscle group, it will directly relate to the strength you have when you need to lift everyday things.

The grip on the object and the weight distribution also plays a minor role in this, but muscular strength will tell you whether or not you can lift something.

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We would like to thank you for reading this article and we hope that you have a little more knowledge on muscular strength and muscles in general. By joining our program, you will not only be improving your muscular strength but your endurance as well.

We would like you to let us know what you think of our facts and if you have any more interesting facts about the muscular system.

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